Preparing for the Spring Market

Four Quick Steps you can do today, to get a head start for the spring Real Estate Market

SteP One: Make A Plan

Congratulations, you made the decision to put your home on the market.  What’s next?  Are you looking to upgrade and buy a bigger home?  Are you looking to downsize?  Do you know where you will be living next?

The decision to sell is not an easy one, but there are many questions and decisions that follow this.  Make sure you have a plan.  If you are looking to buy another home, it would be in your best interest to discuss your financial options with a local lender.  Having a full understanding of your finances and the steps after the "For Sale" sign enters the front yard are just as important.

Step Two: Clear the clutter

One of the most effective ways to appeal to potential buyers is to maximize the buyer's imagination.  One of the simplest ways to do this is by removing the clutter and opening up space. Opening up space by removing old and nonfunctional furniture, cleaning closets and de-personalizing countertops and walls are a few techniques that improve how your home shows.

For some sellers, this step is the hardest. Many times, this step requires you to remove items from the home that have sentimental value and a cornerstone of what makes your house, feel like home.  However, it is in my experience that this step is the most important and most times this step does not cost potential sellers a penny. 


Step three: Spruce-up the Inside

Once the house is de-cluttered, smaller projects that will help improve how the home shows, become more clear.  The first that should be done is a major cleaning throughout the house.  This includes, but does not exclude, dusting all blinds, trims, and surfaces, cleaning all carpet and floors, cleaning windows and a healthy scrub of all appliances and bathrooms.  Yes, I understand this isn’t fun, but a little elbow-grease goes go a long way.  Buyers love when a house “shines”.

Tightening up screws, fixing lightbulbs and tightening handles, doorknobs and fixtures are all other ways to make a home more appealing.  If you feel like there is a major project that your house needs in order to sell, I would advise talking to me first before choosing drastic endeavors.  Majority of the time, projects including screwdrivers and hammers make a substantial difference. 

Step four: Focus on the curb appeal

It is true that we should never judge a book by it’s the cover, however, it (really) helps if the outside makes the same great impression as the inside of the home does.  Things such as a fresh layer of mulch, trimmed bushes, and weedless garden areas are simple things that create a good first impression. 

It is also important to that all driveway, sidewalks and patios are clean and have had grass stains and dirt removed.  Not only will this help you from having buyers track dirt through the house, but the buyers start formulating positive first impressions.  Let's not forget, the outside of the home is always seen before the inside of the home and seller's never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  In fact, some buyers will decide not to enter the home based on the curb appeal alone.